The federal government is targeting organizationswhose employees violate applicable civil and criminal law. Organizations which come under federal scrutiny face potentially staggering fines and penalties, as well as the prospect of "corporate probation" (which involves intrusive federal monitoring), and even criminal liability of corporate employees, officers and directors.

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations, enacted in 1991, give organizations the incentive to police themselves by developing an effective corporate compliance program. Under the Guidelines, an organization which has such a program may receive a substantially reduced fine, and may be able to avoid corporate probationand criminal prosecution altogether.

Unfortunately, not every effort to build a compliance program will bedeemed effective by the government. The Guidelines contain complex criteria which should be satisfied if a compliance program is to be effective.

Corporate Compliance, Ltd. is here to help your organization understand those criteria and implement them.Corporate Compliance's mission is to assist clients in a broad rangeof management issues by providing investigative and consulting servicesas they relate to todays complex regulatory environment.A team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals provide forensic accountingand financial investigative services in a sytematic, strategic and costeffective manner.

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Corporate Compliance, Ltd can establish, implement and test a compliance program for your organization which will comply with the requirements of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. We have special expertise in building compliance programs in the healthcare industry,for financial institutions, and for municipalities.

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